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The Swedish Colonial Society

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Governors of the Swedish Colonial Society


The Honorable Marcel A. Viti 1909-1921
Gregory B. Keen, L.L.D. 1921-1927
Colonel Henry D. Paxton, Esq. 1927-1932
Dr. Albert Duncan Yocum, 1932-1936
Colonel Frank W. Melvin, Esq. 1936-1946
Branton Holstein Henderson 1946-1948
Charles Sinnickson, Esq., 1948-1950
Issac Crawford Sutton, Esq. 1950-1952
Colonel Robert Morris 1952-1954
Frederic Swing Crispin 1954-1956
Dr. Samuel Booth Sturgis 1956-1958
Dr. Amandus Johnson 1958-1960
C. Colket Wilson, Jr. 1960-1962
Alan Corson, Jr. 1962-1964
Charles Paist, III 1964-1966
Donald E. Hogeland, Esq. 1966-1968
Allen Lesley. Esq. 1968-1970
Conrad Wilson 1970-1972
The Rev. Dr. John Craig Roak, 1972-1975
David Hillman 1975-1977
Dr. Erik G. M. Tornqvist 1977-1982
Herbert E. Hanson Gullberg 1982-1984
Dr. Benkt Wennberg 1984-1986
Dr. Erik G. M. Tornqvist 1986-1989
Wallace F. Richter 1989-1993
John C. Cameron, Esq. 1993-1995
Commander John W. Widtfeldt 1995-1997
William Benjamin Neal 1997-2000
Herbert Ripley Rambo 2000-2003
Ronald A. Hendrickson, Esq. 2003-2005
The Rev. Dr. Kim-Eric Williams 2005-2009
Herbert Ripley Rambo 2009-2010
Margaret Sooy Bridwell 2010-2014
Michael R. D’Andrea 2014-current

The title was changed from President to Governor
in 1944.