Membership is available for everyone interested in the history of the New Sweden Colony

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Governor Johan Printz monolith restoration

Restoration of the Governor Johan Printz 1643 -1653 granite monolith

This monolith was erected by the Swedish Colonial Society in 1923.

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New Sweden Landmarks

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Forefather Members are Active Members who can prove descent from Swedish or Finnish colonists in the United States prior to the Treaty of Paris, marking the close of the Revolutionary War, in 1783.
We are pleased to announce that the SCS Council has approved ADDITIONAL certifications for those Forefather members who can prove lineage to more that one Forefather. To start the process, you can contact the Swedish Colonial Society Registrar at

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Society issues New Sweden 375th Jubilee Commemorative

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You are invited to: The Swedish Colonial Society Meeting with presentations:
Swedish Colonial Society DNA Project & Presentation on the Peter S. Craig Collection

Date/Time: Thursday, May 18, 2017, 12:00 Noon till 3:00 P.M.
Place: Gloria Dei Church (Old Swede’s) at Riverside Hall, 916 Swanson St, Philadelphia, PA, 19147

Topic: Swedish Colonial Society DNA Project & Presentation on the Peter S. Craig Collection

A few highlights on the DNA Project:

  • Why we are doing the project?
  • To learn the Y-DNA Blueprint for each SCS Forefather.
  • To help other researchers confirm that they descend from an SCS Forefather.

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Is your ancestor represented?

Highlights on the Peter S. Craig Collection:
Peter Craig’s collection of family group sheets is an irreplaceable, unique resource, a snapshot of the families in Colonial New Sweden. The “most valuable” aspect of these family sheets is that each fact on the sheet is documented within the tiny circle following that fact. The numbers inside these circles correlate to the sources listed at the bottom of the page. Since the source citations are extremely brief, I refer to these as “Peter’s cryptic source citations.” I volunteered to create “packages” of the family group sheets for members of the Society as a tribute to Peter Craig. John Tepe thought we should charge $99 for each package. And much, much, more!!!!!!!

Come and join us for a special presentation given by Rev. Cynthia Forde-Beatty, Becky, and Ron Beaty.



    As a member of the Swedish Colonial Society:

  • You can learn about the early Swedes who landed in Wilmington, DE beginning in 1638
  • You can help preserve the legacy of the Colonial Swedes in America
  • You can help increase awareness and preservation of monuments at historic sites
  • You can help commemorate historic and cultural events and accomplishments relating to the Swedes and Finns in America
  • You can attend annual events such as the Annual Forefather Luncheon and meeting, Fall History Conference and Julmiddag Christmas
  • You will receive biannual copies of the Swedish Colonial Journal including access to back issues
  • You will meet others who share your interest in the early Swedes and Finns and Swedish/Finnish culture
  • You can gain access to various collections including the Peter S. Craig Collection and the Ronald S. Beatty Collection
  • Membership is available for everyone interested in the history of the New Sweden Colony and the early Swedes and Finns of America and learn more about your forefather ancestor and share your interest with others
  • There are various types of membership such as active members, forefather members, and institutional membership-see Join Today at the top of the SCS website for details
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Active Membership Dues

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2There are big undertakings under way for Governor Printz Park in Essington PA.

The New Sweden Company’s intention is to reconstruct and install the entire Farmstead, all 7 cabins, at Printz Park, as part of a New Sweden Theme Park. We will start with one cabin and proceed from there. The process, including the development of educational programs accompanying the Farmstead, will take time. The Swedish Colonial Society is supporting this project.

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Click here to download a PDF of the plans!

DUE May 15th

317th Annual New Sweden History Conference

The New Sweden History Conference is a collaboration between the American Swedish Historical Museum, the Swedish Colonial Society, the Delaware Swedish Colonial Society, the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, Old Swedes Historic Site, the McNeil Center for Early American Studies at Penn, The New Sweden Centre, and Trinity Episcopal (Old Swedes) Church Swedesboro NJ and sponsored by the New Sweden Alliance. The goal of the conference is to explore the New Sweden Colony (1638-1655) in historical context and expand research and understanding of its social, economic, geographic, and political landscape. The annual conference has reached its 17th session and typically reaches an audience of over 100 academic scholars, students, teachers, and avocational historians.

The New Sweden History Conference Committee would like to officially invite submissions for academic papers on this year’s topic New Sweden Beyond the Delaware, 1638-1776. The 2017 theme will explore the migration of Swedish colonists from the original landing point of Wilmington Delaware to the greater Delaware Valley, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina regions. Areas of academic research may include the economic or religious reasons for expansion, the social impact of expansion on culture, the retention of cultural traditions over time, mapping out geographical movement patterns, archeological evidence of movement, or related expansion topics through 1776.

All works submitted will be reviewed by the Conference Committee. If selected, the author will present their research at the conference on November 4, 2017. Selected presenters will receive an honorarium, financial assistance with travel costs, and free admission to the full day conference.

Submission Guidelines:
– All papers are publish to present. Conference presentations are 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes general Q&A.
– Copies of submitted papers will be disseminated to attendees via conference packets.
– We ask that abstracts be submitted by May 15, 2017. Up to four authors may be chosen and invited to submit full papers and present at the conference. -If chosen, full papers, bibliographies, and any other supplementary materials are due October 23, 2017.
– The Conference will be held November 4, 2017 at the Lazaretto Ballroom in Essington PA.

Please submit all abstracts to: Lauren Burnham, Education & Public Programs Manager American Swedish Historical Museum via email at

The Peter S. Craig Collection

4CRAIG COLLECTION ONLINE: If you are an SCS member, you can now order a custom package of family group sheets (FGSs) showing all the detail around your earliest Swedish colonial ancestors. You may order FGSs from a known line so you can study your family in detail (e.g., the Mounce Rambo package already posted), or FGSs for heads of family all bearing the same full name so you can confirm which is a suspected ancestor. We plan to add more such packages of FGSs as well as other materials. It is our hope that these resources will facilitate the process by which members of The Swedish Colonial Society apply for forefather status as descendants of Swedish colonists who arrived in the thirteen colonies before the end of the Revolutionary War in 1783.

peter-craig-mg_02211-e1354069881536-115x115Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig (1928-2009) was The Swedish Colonial Society’s world-renowned historian and genealogist who specialized in 17th century Swedish and Finnish immigrants to the Delaware River Valley. He researched the colonial experience of the settlers and
their descendants into the late 18th century. He wrote over 100 articles and books on these settlers. As genealogist for the Society, he reviewed over 500 applications of members proving descent from a Swedish colonist who arrived in the thirteen colonies before the end of the Revolutionary War in 1783. His work papers and correspondence form the bulk of the Craig Collection.

Link to the online Craig Collection

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**The official registration and financial information of The Swedish Colonial Society may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1 (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.