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Listen to the 1938 Swedish-American Tercentenary speech by President FDR



32nd President of the United States: 1933 ‐ 1945

Address at the Tercentenary Celebration, Wilmington, Delaware.

June 27, 1938
Your Royal Highnesses:

This is a day of happy significance to three nations. I welcome you, for you represent a true friendship under which we have lived from the earliest times unmarred by any rift, unbroken by any misunderstanding. You are thrice welcome to our shores.

It is a matter of keen sorrow and regret to me that His Royal Highness the Crown Prince is unable to be at this historic spot today, but all of us pray that his recovery will be speedy and complete- and I personally look forward to welcoming him and his family at Hyde Park or at Washington the end of this week.

And I am grateful to Prince Berchel for the message that he has given to us from his distinguished grandfather. When he returns to Stockholm, I hope that he will give to His Majesty King Gustavus V my affectionate regards and the affectionate regards of all the American people.