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Maintenance of Forefather Applications

Policies with respect to maintenance of Forefather Applications. WHEREAS, The Swedish Colonial Society wishes to publish for reference by applicants and potential applicants for forefather status the following policies with respect to maintenance of such applications, which include attachments such as proofs, including copies of vital records such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, DNA results, etc.:

A.  The instructions to our forefather applications will suggest that applicants do not send original papers and do retain their own copy of the application including attachments to same such as proofs.

B.  The Swedish Colonial Society will not return applications or attachments or copies of same to applicants.

C.  If The Swedish Colonial Society chooses to keep an application or its attachments, it may do so in paper or digital format.

D.  The public will not have open access to any of the applications or attachments.

E.  Applicants should acknowledge in the application that if their family tree is accepted by The Swedish Colonial Society, it may disclose same to other forefather applicants wishing to use all or part of the same line, except for living members who have not consented thereto.

F.  The Swedish Colonial Society needn’t keep a copy of proofs, because they are not needed for its Family Tree Maker database of proven family trees with dates and places.

G.  The Swedish Colonial Society has the right but not the obligation to destroy proofs from previously received applications.

H.  Vital records supplied by an applicant may be presumed to have been obtained by the applicant legally under the laws of relevant states governing access to vital records.

I.  Applicants will be notified that once The Swedish Colonial Society has relied on a copy of a vital record or other documented proof in granting or denying forefather status to a member, it may maintain or destroy the same in its sole discretion, because in receiving the vital record or other documented proof from one entitled to disclose it, The Swedish Colonial Society assumes no responsibility for its storage, maintenance or secrecy.

J.  The foregoing policies are intended to conserve space and reduce storage costs.

K.  Our published list of proven Forefather Descendants will include only current members of The Swedish Colonial Society.