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Swedish Colonial News: Volume 1, numbers 1 – 20 from 1990 through Fall 1999

Including some Selected Articles

(All issues contain the Governor’s Message)

Click on the publication title to launch the PDF:

Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 1990

    • Greetings and Society Information, by Erik Tornqvist and Carl Lindborg
    • Craig Forefathers article: Another 350th Anniversary—The Kalmar Nyckel’s Second Voyage, by Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig, JD, continues as New Sweden Forefathers: Peter Larsson Cock (Cox)
    • Historic Sites: Swedish Log Cabin Dedicated, by Alice & Carl Lindborg

Volume 1, Number 2, Fall 1990

    • Greetings, by W. F. Richter, Governor
    • Craig Forefathers article: Peter Gunnarsson Rambo
    • Historic Sites: The Cannon Ball House or Pär Larsson’s “Island Plantation,” by Alice & Carl Lindborg, Brian Daly

Volume 1, Number 3, Spring 1991

    • Governor’s Message, by Wallace F. Richter
    • Craig articles: 350 Years Ago—The Kalmar Nyckel’s Third Voyage
    • New Sweden Forefathers: Nils Larsson Frände (Friend)
    • Historic Sites: Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission Rewrites History: The $500,000 Blunder at Printz Park and the Morton Homestead, by Dr. Peter S. Craig

Volume 1, Number 4, Fall 1991

    • Historic Sites: Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’) Church, by Alice and Carl Lindborg
    • Craig Forefather articles: Johan Andersson Stålcop; New Evidence on Hans Månsson

Volume 1, Number 5, Spring 1992

    • A Dedicated Team Forging Swedish-American Relations—A Tribute (to Carl and Alice Lindborg), by Benkt R:son Wennberg
    • Craig Forefather article: Timen Stiddem
    • Historic Sites: “The Search for Printzhof” Governor Printz’s Mansion

Volume 1, Number 6, Fall 1992

    • Historic Site: Swedesboro Church Endangered, by Brian Daly
    • Craig Forefather article: Captain Israel Helm

Volume 1, Number 7, Spring 1993

    • Search for Direct Descendant Children, by Beth Linnerson-Daly
    • Craig Forefather article: Jonas Nilsson; also, Passenger List of 1642-1643 Voyage to New Sweden
    • Forefathers: Johan Printz, by Erik Törnqvist

Volume 1, Number 8, Fall 1993

    • Historic Sites: Bottnaryd, Sweden, the Homeland of Governor Johan Printz, by Bo E. Karlson
    • Craig Forefather article: Captain Sven Skute

Volume 1, Number 9, Spring 1994

    • Carl E. Lindborg—In Memoriam, Anonymous
    • Craig articles: 1) Johan Gustafsson, Soldier from Kinnekulle, 2) The 1644 Census of New Sweden—350 Years Ago, 3) Passenger List of 1643-1644 Voyage to New Sweden—350 Years Ago

Volume 1, Number 10, Fall 1994

    • Historic Sites: The John Hans Steelman House At Elkton MD, Falling To Ruins, by Dr. Peter S. Craig
    • Craig Forefather article: Hans Månsson and His Steelman Family

Volume 1, Number 11, Spring 1995

    • Dr. Amandus Johnson, SCS Founder – A Brief Biography, by Wallace F. Richter
    • Craig Forefather article: Jürgen Schneeweiss, Progenitor of the Keen Family
    • Also: Amandus Johnson’s Books on the Swedes of the Delaware, by Dr. Peter S. Craig;
    • The John Hanson Myth, by George Ely Russell, The American Genealogist

Volume 1, Number 12, Fall 1995

    • Fund-Raising Begins: Gloria Dei Records Translation Project Will Require $80,000, Anonymous
    • Craig Forefather article: Måns Svensson Lom, Forgotten Forefather, and his 7 Daughters
    • Craig correction: Skute & Stille families

Volume 1, Number 13, Spring 1996

    • Andrew Friend’s Old Swedish Bible and Its Travels, by Dr. Peter S. Craig
    • Craig Forefather article: Mårten Mårtensson & His Morton Family

Volume 1, Number 14, Fall 1996

    • Funds Assured for Gloria Dei Records Translation Project, Anonymous
    • Craig Forefather article: Anders Svensson Bonde and his Boon Family
    • Historic Sites: St. Mary Anne’s in Maryland, by Dr. Kim-Eric Williams

Volume 1, Number 15, Spring 1997

    • Colonial Society Gives Swedish Flavor to West Jersey Founders Festival, Anonymous
    • Craig Forefather article: Peter Jochimsson and his Yocum Descendants

Volume 1, Number 16, Fall 1997

    • Kalmar Nyckel Replica Launched, by Herbert Rambo
    • Craig Forefather article: Olof Persson Stille and his Family
    • Additional Craig article: New Discoveries About the Ancient Swedes: Peter Rambo family, Hans Månsson’s First Wife, and Anders Stille’s Wife
    • Also: Swedish Colonial Society Medals, Insignia and Rosettes

Volume 1, Number 17, Spring 1998

    • A Patriot’s Lucia at Christ Church, by Herbert Rambo
    • Craig Forefather article: Lars Carlsson Lock, Pastor of New Sweden, and his Family

Volume 1, Number 18, Fall 1998

    • Millennium of Leif Ericson’s Voyage to North America, Anonymous
    • Craig Forefather article: Sven Gunnarsson and his Swanson Family
    • Historic Sites: Gloria Dei Records: The Building of Christ Church of Upper Merion, 1763, by Dr. Peter S. Craig
    • Also: Lost Landmark: Sven Gunnarsson’s Log house at Wicaco, by Dr. Peter S. Craig

Volume 1, Number 19, Spring 1999

    • 300 Years Ago: Founding Members of Holy Trinity Church, by Dr. Peter S. Craig
    • Craig Forefather article: Charles Springer and his Family
    • Historic Sites: Hendrickson House: The Oldest Stone House in America?, by Ronald A. Hendrickson

Volume 1, Number 20, Fall 1999

    • Welcome to the Swedish Colonial Society—Society Enters Millennium with New Web Site
    • Craig Forefathers article: Anders Bengtsson and his Bankson & Bankston Descendants
    • Special: Retrospective, by Editor Beth Linnerson-Daly: Ten Years of Swedish Colonial News:

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Swedish Colonial News Editors:

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1991-1993: Publications Committee

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2000-2004: The Rev. Dr. Kim-Eric Williams

2000-2007: David Emmi

Fall 2007: Newsletter Committee

2008-2011: Max Dooley

2012: Karin Hampel

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