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Swedish Colonial News: Volume 1, numbers 1 – 20 from 1990 through Fall 1999

Including some Selected Articles

(All issues contain the Governor’s Message)

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Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 1990

Greetings and Society Information, by Erik Tornqvist and Carl Lindborg

Craig Forefathers article: Another 350th Anniversary—The Kalmar Nyckel’s Second Voyage, by Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig, JD, continues as New Sweden Forefathers: Peter Larsson Cock (Cox)

Historic Sites: Swedish Log Cabin Dedicated, by Alice & Carl Lindborg

Volume 1, Number 2, Fall 1990

Greetings, by W. F. Richter, Governor

Craig Forefathers article: Peter Gunnarsson Rambo

Historic Sites: The Cannon Ball House or Pär Larsson’s “Island Plantation,” by Alice & Carl Lindborg, Brian Daly

Volume 1, Number 3, Spring 1991

Governor’s Message, by Wallace F. Richter

Craig articles: 350 Years Ago—The Kalmar Nyckel’s Third Voyage

New Sweden Forefathers: Nils Larsson Frände (Friend)

Historic Sites: Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission Rewrites History: The $500,000 Blunder at Printz Park and the Morton Homestead, by Dr. Peter S. Craig

Volume 1, Number 4, Fall 1991

Historic Sites: Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’) Church, by Alice and Carl Lindborg

Craig Forefather articles: Johan Andersson Stålcop; New Evidence on Hans Månsson

Volume 1, Number 5, Spring 1992

A Dedicated Team Forging Swedish-American Relations—A Tribute (to Carl and Alice Lindborg), by Benkt R:son Wennberg

Craig Forefather article: Timen Stiddem

Historic Sites: “The Search for Printzhof” Governor Printz’s Mansion

Volume 1, Number 6, Fall 1992

Historic Site: Swedesboro Church Endangered, by Brian Daly

Craig Forefather article: Captain Israel Helm

Volume 1, Number 7, Spring 1993

Search for Direct Descendant Children, by Beth Linnerson-Daly

Craig Forefather article: Jonas Nilsson; also, Passenger List of 1642-1643 Voyage to New Sweden

Forefathers: Johan Printz, by Erik Törnqvist

Volume 1, Number 8, Fall 1993

Historic Sites: Bottnaryd, Sweden, the Homeland of Governor Johan Printz, by Bo E. Karlson

Craig Forefather article: Captain Sven Skute

Volume 1, Number 9, Spring 1994

Carl E. Lindborg—In Memoriam, Anonymous

Craig articles: 1) Johan Gustafsson, Soldier from Kinnekulle, 2) The 1644 Census of New Sweden—350 Years Ago, 3) Passenger List of 1643-1644 Voyage to New Sweden—350 Years Ago

Volume 1, Number 10, Fall 1994

Historic Sites: The John Hans Steelman House At Elkton MD, Falling To Ruins, by Dr. Peter S. Craig

Craig Forefather article: Hans Månsson and His Steelman Family

Volume 1, Number 11, Spring 1995

Dr. Amandus Johnson, SCS Founder – A Brief Biography, by Wallace F. Richter

Craig Forefather article: Jürgen Schneeweiss, Progenitor of the Keen Family

Also: Amandus Johnson’s Books on the Swedes of the Delaware, by Dr. Peter S. Craig;

The John Hanson Myth, by George Ely Russell, The American Genealogist

Volume 1, Number 12, Fall 1995

Fund-Raising Begins: Gloria Dei Records Translation Project Will Require $80,000, Anonymous

Craig Forefather article: Måns Svensson Lom, Forgotten Forefather, and his 7 Daughters

Craig correction: Skute & Stille families

Volume 1, Number 13, Spring 1996

Andrew Friend’s Old Swedish Bible and Its Travels, by Dr. Peter S. Craig

Craig Forefather article: Mårten Mårtensson & His Morton Family

Volume 1, Number 13, Spring 1996

Funds Assured for Gloria Dei Records Translation Project, Anonymous

Craig Forefather article: Anders Svensson Bonde and his Boon Family

Historic Sites: St. Mary Anne’s in Maryland, by Dr. Kim-Eric Williams0

Volume 1, Number 15, Spring 1997

Colonial Society Gives Swedish Flavor to West Jersey Founders Festival, Anonymous

Craig Forefather article: Peter Jochimsson and his Yocum Descendants

Volume 1, Number 16, Fall 1997

Kalmar Nyckel Replica Launched, by Herbert Rambo

Craig Forefather article: Olof Persson Stille and his Family

Additional Craig article: New Discoveries About the Ancient Swedes: Peter Rambo family, Hans Månsson’s First Wife, and Anders Stille’s Wife

Also: Swedish Colonial Society Medals, Insignia and Rosettes

Volume 1, Number 17, Spring 1998

A Patriot’s Lucia at Christ Church, by Herbert Rambo

Craig Forefather article: Lars Carlsson Lock, Pastor of New Sweden, and his Family

Volume 1, Number 18, Fall 1998

Millennium of Leif Ericson’s Voyage to North America, Anonymous

Craig Forefather article: Sven Gunnarsson and his Swanson Family

Historic Sites: Gloria Dei Records: The Building of Christ Church of Upper Merion, 1763, by Dr. Peter S. Craig

Also: Lost Landmark: Sven Gunnarsson’s Log house at Wicaco, by Dr. Peter S. Craig

Volume 1, Number 19, Spring 1999

300 Years Ago: Founding Members of Holy Trinity Church, by Dr. Peter S. Craig

Craig Forefather article: Charles Springer and his Family

Historic Sites: Hendrickson House: The Oldest Stone House in America?, by Ronald A. Hendrickson

Volume 1, Number 20, Fall 1999

Welcome to the Swedish Colonial Society—Society Enters Millennium with New Web Site

Craig Forefathers article: Anders Bengtsson and his Bankson & Bankston Descendants

Special: Retrospective, by Editor Beth Linnerson-Daly: Ten Years of Swedish Colonial News:

I. Records and Documents

II. Historic Sites

III. Commemorative Events

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