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Enjoy the benefits of membership

The Swedish Colonial Society

Enjoy the benefits of membership


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One of the benefits of membership is the right to wear, with pride, any of the decorations which signify affiliation with the Swedish Colonial Society. These include:

Swedish Colonial Society Medal

Active members of the Swedish Colonial Society are authorized to wear this medal.

The price for the Medal is $114.00 (as of 01/03/2013)

Cast in 14K gold filled and bearing the image of Governor Johan Printz within a white enameled border, the strikingly handsome Swedish Colonial Society Medal is worn with formal evening dress or business attire. Hanging from a blue and yellow ribbon of the Swedish national colors, the SCS Medal can be worn suspended from the ribbon around the neck, or from a traditional ribbon on the left side at mid-shoulder level. (due to fluctuation of gold prices, call for a quote and to order*).

Call (800) 786-5890 or (215) 545-6200
The blue and yellow hanging ribbon is $10.

(image shown not actual size)

**The official registration and financial information of The Swedish Colonial Society may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1 (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

Society Medal on a pin

This option is a smaller version of the medal, that is more delicate, and constructed as a pin on a bow. A ribbon is also available to wear the pin as a pendant.

Active members of the Swedish Colonial Society are authorized to wear this pin.

Price for the Society Medal pin is $69.00* (as of 01/03/2013)
(due to fluctuation of gold prices, call for a quote first)*

Call (800) 786-5890 or (215) 545-6200
(image shown not actual size)

All Prices- as of 01/03/2013

*All versions of the Medal and the Insignia are Gold Filled and produced exclusively for the Swedish Colonial Society by: Hamilton Insignia (formerly J.E. Caldwell Jewelers), 215 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Call (800) 786-5890 or (215) 545-6200 for purchase instructions and information.

Society Rosette

Made in France of the same blue and yellow colors as the Medal ribbon, the Society Rosette is worn on informal occasions to indicate Society membership.

The Rosette ($15 ea. plus shipping) may be purchased by contacting the Member Services, at, or by writing Swedish Colonial Society, 97 Wanamaker Avenue, Essington, PA 19029