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The Swedish Colonial Society has 70 feet of genealogical books in its Archives.

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SCS Short Book List November 2012 Cataloged in agreement with the LDS Family History Library 

[304.6/094 The European demographic system, 1500-1820 by Michael W. Flinn

[305.56 V28B Bound over : indentured servitude and American conscience / by John van der Zee ; foreword by John Patrick Diggins. (1985) w/ index & note from contributor

[309.1747 R51D The Duke’s province : a study of New York politics and society, 1664-1691 / by Robert C. Ritchie. (1977)

[325.34 The North Atlantic world in the seventeenth century by K. G. Davies (1974)

[330.973 M13E The economy of British America, 1607-1789 / John J. McCusker & Russell R. Menard (1985)

Options on Agricultural Futures, A Home Study Course

[338.47669 Industrial Evolution by Paul F. Paskoff, Pennsylvania Iron industry (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1983

[328.73 Impeachment in America, 1635-1805

[346.744 How to Live – and Die – with Massachusetts Probate LCCN 74-171518

[374.9 Study Circles : Coming Together for Personal Growth and Social Change

[380 M57H History of transportation in the United States before 1860 prepared under the direction of Balthasar Henry Meyer by Caroline E. MacGill and a staff of collaborators. (1948)

[380.3 ST3E The English Atlantic, 1675-1740 : an exploration of communication and community / by Ian K. Steele. (1986)

[398 G46P Pattern in the material folk culture of the Eastern United States. Glassie, Henry H. (1968)

[Your Trip Abroad pamphlet

[Travel Tips for Older Americans

[Berlitz Engels-Nederlands / Dutch-English

[948.97 Colijnsplaat in Vroeger Tijden Gerard G. De Fouw (Den Haag, 1992)
Dutch ISBN 90-71802-87-6 geb.]

[Berlitz Englanti-Suomi / Finnish-English

[948.97 W2s Siirtolaisuus = Migration: Institute of Migration (3 issues)
Finnish with some articles in English

[914.897 F11 Facts about Finland / [editing and picture research Riitta da Costa].

[914.8 Find Out About Finland

[948.97 H2juti A History of Finland

[Berlitz German-English

[433.21 Heath’s New German and English Dictionary by Karl Breul completely revised and enlarged by J. Heron Lepper and Rudolf Kottenhahn (1939)

[943.612 B2s Senftenegger Monatsblatt für Genealogie und Heraldik

[914.9 Schleswig-Holstein

[914.8 E6 Baedeker’s Scandinavia : Norway, Sweden, Finland

[948 B2as Scandinavian review

[341.24 Norway-Sweden, Union, disunion, and Scandinavian Integration Raymond E. Lindgren

[948.2 H6o Finnskogene i Norge (Forest Finns)

[Berlitz Engelsi-Svensk / Swedish-English

[Berlitz Swedish for Travellers

[439.7321 English Swedish Dictionary Prisma’s

[439.75 201 Swedish Verbs fully conjugated

[439.78 Colloquial Swedish

[439.782 Teach Yourself Swedish

[439.7 Basic Swedish Grammar Ann-Mari Beite et al

[439.7321 Burt’s Swedish-English dictionary in two parts Swedish-English, English-Swedish : Burt’s svensk-engelsk ordbok i två avdelningar svensk-engelsk, engelsk- svensk

[974 H2o Våra första amerikafarare : historien om finlandssvenskarna i Nya Sverige (Swedish)??rsb ?? did Kim keep this aside?

[921.485 R494t Nya Sveriges siste guvernör och hans landsmän i Amerika : Till den svenska Delaware-kolonins minne (1638-1988)

[948.5 C4v Vem forskar vad?

[948.5 D25sh Släkt och Hävd : tidskrift

[948.5 D27bl Almanacka 1600-1999

[Var Vag visare Sverige i kartor och text

[948.5 E5 Geografiskt-statistiskt handlexikon öfver Sverige ??rsb maps

[948.5 G3a Läsebok för släktforskare : lär dig tyda och läsa gammal handstil (oversize)

[948.502 Svedjefinsk bibliografi

[948.502 De skogsfinska oertnammen i sodra och mellersta Norrland by Maud Wedin

[948.502 Atlas till Historien (oversize)

[948.502 Livet I det gamla Goteborg (Life in Gothenburg) Arkeologi i Vastsverige 2

[948.502 Vandrat hit som andra finnar att soka sin foda

[948.502 Genos ??rsb this one is missing in Nov 2012

[948.502 Person-historisk tidskrift 1992

[948.502 Lejonet & Kronan 1989 printed in Swedish language

[948.502 Arkiv i vast 2, Arbetare, Tjansteman och Lokalhistoria

[948.502 Vinteroken Leif Lundquist 2004

[948.69/G1 W2 Göteborgs-Emigranten

[948.77/H5 Medelpads Finnmarker

[948.77/H5 F2g Hassela-finnarna : Ett oromantiserat tvärsnitt genom “Livet i Finnskogarna.” Kulturhistori ska undersökningar från en norrländsk finnbygd under 1600- och 1700- talen

[948.8 F2g Finnkolonisationen inom Ångermanland, södra Lappmarken och Jämtland : Kultur- och bebyggelsehistoriska undersökningar från 15-, 16- och 1700 -talen

[948.97 W2t Finnarnas Historia i Sverige 1

[948.5 A Concise History of Sweden

[948.5 A History of the Swedish People, Vols. 1 & 2

[948.5 On Sweden

[948.5 A1 The Royal military archives

[948.5 D27h Especially for Swedes

[948.5 D27j Cradled in Sweden

[948.5 D27j Cradled in Sweden by Carl-Erik Johansson

[948.5 H2sc Sweden, the nation’s history

[948.5 H2a Swedish history in brief

[948.5 H6Lo Of Swedish ways

[948.502 R54SI The Swedish imperial experience, 1560-1718 / Michael Roberts.

[948.502 Kings and Rulers of Sweden, a Pocket Encyclopedia

[948.77/H5 (similar title??) Medelpads Finnmarker

[Sweden: A Royal Treasury 1550-1700

 Masterpieces from Gripsholm Castle: The Swedish National Portrait Collection

[A Small Treasury of Swedish Food: a booklet on Swedish Food and Swedish Eating habits (pamphlet)

[Traditional Festivities in Sweden (2 copies)

[Sweden (2 copies)(1 for sale)(oversize)

[Vasa Catalog by Erling Matz (2 copies)

[Skansen (English)

[Skansen, Stockholm, A Short Guide for Visitors (English), 1997

[Anatomical Theatre, Uppsala University 1986 8 page card/brochure

[37 more Swedish & Finnish visitor’s guides & maps (Finland, Sweden, Stockholm, Gotesborg) etc. including the following ??rsb

98 Stockholm 1998 32 pages newsprint

Kungl. Biblioteket Royal Library in Stockholm flyer

[The Cathedral of Uppsala 8 page brochure w/ insert “Welcome to Uppsala Cathedral”

Welcome to Holy Trinity Church in Uppsala flyer 1988

Stor-Kyrkan flyer

Lanna Kyrka 1981 21 page brochure (in Swedish)

Penningby Slott (Penningny Castle) by I. Roslagen 12 page brochure (in English and Swedish)

Funbo Kyrka by Nils Sundquist 25 page booklet (in Swedish)

Kyrkorna i Taby by Bengt Ingmar Kilstrom 52 page booklet (in Swedish)

Goteborg, Sweden 90/91 tourism flyer w/ map

Gustavi Cathedral Gothenburg flyer

Kronhuset, the old arsenal of Gothenberg flyer

The East India House, the Museums of Archeoloty, Ethnology and History flyer

Sjofartsmuseet maritime Museum and Aquarium (in Swedish, English and German)

Strangnas kommun med mariefred Gripsholm 60 page tourist brochure (in Swedish, English and German)

Impressions of a Swedish Summer 1996 pamphlet: Special Expeditions tour of the archipelago

Sweden Traveler (Lindman Advertizing, 1993) magazine

[929.2 Sweden & America (2 issues)

[Connecticut, Massachusetts & Rhode Island Tourbook (AAA)

[974 D Mid-Atlantic Tourbook

The Kennedy Centery pamphlet

[974.811 Z1 Historic Philadelphia Gazette: Common Sense for the Discerning Traveler July 2000

[974.811 Z1a Philadelphia Official Visitors Guide, Fall/Winter 2008-09

[974.811 Z1b Rodin Museum Handbook, Philadelphia

[Shopping for Things olde in Southern New Jersey 1993

[Maryand Travel and Outdoor Guide 1988/89

[974 Z New York Tourbook: valid through 4/98

and Albany Visitors Guide 28-page pamplet
and Discover Downtown Albany 25-page pamphlet
and Albany Transit Guide, 1989

[979 E Colorado & Utah Tourbook

[974.72 Guest Curators for the series of articles on Women of Importance — “Bulletin”, Jefferson County

[na 1981 Peace Corps Directory of Former Volunteers and Staff

[1981 Oberlin College Alumni Directory Peter Craig listed

[Covington & Burling Alumni Directory, 1995 Peter Craig listed
[Covington & Burling Alumni Directory, 1998 Peter Craig listed

Time 15 Feb 1993 magazine

[711.40973 R29M The making of urban America; a history of city planning in the United States John W. Reps (1965)

[Schuylkill River Design Guide

[759.13 Latrobe’s View of America, 1795-1820

[902.02 The timetables of history : a horizontal linkage of people and events by Bernard Grun (1975)

[907.2 AN2T Time machines : the world of living history / Jay Anderson.

[909.08 History of the world : the last five hundred years (oversize)

[909.1 Plagues and Peoples

[911 T Atlas of World History

[911 H629a Historical atlas of the world, 108 maps in six colors : with index of over 7000 items

(old & brittle Fragile & damaged books shelf)
[974.7 D65B Documents relative to the colonial history of the state of New York. 3 volumes (fragile)

[974.8 H2in Report of the Commission to locate the site of the Frontier Forts of Pennsylvania (fragile)

[974.8 H2wa 1881 Annals of Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania, in the olden time; being a collection of memoirs, anecdotes, and incidents of the city and its inhabitants, and of the earliest settlements of the inland part of Pennsylvania (fragile)

[974.8 H2j Pennsylvania, colonial and federal : a history, 1608-1903 (fragile)

[974.8 N2p Minutes of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania from the organization to the termination of the proprietary government (fragile)

(second to top row of shelving)
(newsletters & quarterlies shelf)
[929.025 Am35q Quarterly (Association of Professional Genealogists)

[929.105 G286n The Genealogist (American Society of Genealogists)

[973 D23n National Genealogical Society Library book list

[973 D23n National Genealogical Society Library Booklist, 5th edition supplement, 1989

[973 D23n recommended Standards for Genealogical Society Newsletters
[973 D23n The National Genealogical Society National Capital Area Tenth Anniversary Conference, June 1990
[973 D23n The National Genealogical Society A Chesapeake Homecoming, June 1993
[973 D23n From Sea to Shining Sea: “A Conference for the Nation’s Genealogists,” September 1995
[973 D23n In Your Ancestors’ Image: “A Conference for the Nation’s Genealogists” 1996
[973 D23n Pennsylvania, Cradle of a Nation: 1997 Conference in the States Program Syllabus
[973 D23n The National Genealogical Society Presents the 2000 NGS Conference in the States Program: New England

[973 D25ngs NGS newsmagazine

[973 D25ngs National Genealogical Society Quarterly, 13 issues, 2006-2009

[973 D25aga The American Genealogist, 21 volumes

[974.7 B2n The New York genealogical and biographical record (AKA NYGB, The record (New York Genealogical and Biographical Society). (Continues) Bulletin of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. (Indexed In) Subject index of the New York genealogical and biographical record

[974.7 B2nl “New York Researcher” (15 issues)

[974.7 B2nla “De Nieu Nederlanse Marcurius” (9 issues etc.)

[974.8 B2h Pennsylvania history : a journal of Mid-Atlantic studies (10 isolated issues)

[974.8 B2p Pennsylvania genealogical magazine (58 issues)

[974.8 B2pa “Penn in Hand” newsletter of Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania (21 issues)

[974.8 A39pb Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission: Publications 1997

[974.8 B2pj Pennsylvania Heritage: William Penn’s Vision

[974.8 B2pj Pennsylvania heritage (13 issues)

[974.8 B2pk Pennsylvania legacies : newsmagazine of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

[974.8 B2pj Friends Journal – “300th Anniversary of William Penn’s Holy Experiment”

[974.8 B2pm The Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography (26 issues)

[974.812 B2 Bulletin of the Historical Society of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (Norristown, PA: Historical Society of Montgomery County)

[974.9 A1 Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of New Jersey, no. 49 1994 & no. 50 1995

[974.9 B2g The Genealogical magazine of New Jersey (Also Known As NJGM)

[V.F. New Jersey Genealogical Society of New Jersey newsletter (6 issues)

[974.9 B2sj South Jersey magazine : the magazine about South Jersey, past and present

[974.9 B2h New Jersey history (4 issues)

[974.981 B2g Bulletin of the Gloucester County Historical Society, Woodbury, New Jersey (13 issues)

[975.1 C4d The Historical Society of Delaware newsletter (3 issues)

[975.1 C4d Delaware Historical Society newsletter (1 issue)

[975.1 D25d Delaware Genealogical Society Newsletter (10 issues)

[975.1 B2h Delaware History (18 volumes)

[975.1 D25d Delaware Genealogical Society Journal

[975.2 B2mb Newsletter of the Maryland Genealogical Society (14 issues)

[975.2 B2mb Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin

[975.2 B2mb Maryland Genealogical Society Journal (4 issues)

[975.2 D25w Western Maryland genealogy

[070.5 The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Tom & Marilyn Ross

[070.5 Guide for Authors by Gateway Press 1996 pamphlet]

[346.0482 C21c Carmack’s guide to copyright & contracts : a primer for genealogists, writers & researchers by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack ; foreword by Karen Kreider Gaunt (2005)

[346.730482 F53C, 2008 The copyright handbook : what every writer needs to know / by Stephen Fishman. (2008)

[808.02 C43 The Chicago manual of style (1993)

[808.06 Katharine Gibbs Handbook of Business English y Michelle Quinn (1987)

[917.3 W51L The log cabin in America; from pioneer days to the present [by] C. A. Weslager.

[917.3 The Log Cabin: Homes of the North American Wilderness

[917.3 Some Misconceptions in American Log-Building Studies Patricia Irvin Cooper

[917.3 The Log Cabins of New Sweden

[917.3 F98A The Americans; a social history of the United States, 1587-1914, by J. C. Furnas.

[917.3 Restored America, a Tour Guide

[917.49 C31 Exploring the little rivers of New Jersey Cawley, James S. (1942)

[917.5 B76M Myths and realities; societies of the colonial South.

[921.73 A Gustavus Adolphus, the Lion of the north MacMunn, George Fletcher, Sir, 1869-1952.

[921.73 F Benjamin Franklin : a biography / Ronald W. Clark.

[921.73 F The Journal of George Fox ed. John L. Nickalls

[921.73 F The Journal of George Fox edited w/ notes by Rufus M. Jones

[921.73 H John Hanson, our first president

[921.73 H198k John Hanson of Mulberry Grove

[921.73 M894 Henry Melchior Muhlenberg–the roots of 250 years of organized Lutheranism in North America : essays in memory of Helmut T. Lehmann / edited by John W. Kleiner.

[921.73 M894 The journals of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg

[921.73 M894 The correspondence of Heinrich Melchior Mühlenberg

[921.73 P William Penn.

[921.73 Rosicrucians and Magister Christoph Schlegel, Hermetic Roots of America

[929.1 D628 Directory of professional genealogists

[929.1 Tracing your Swedish ancestry

[929.1 Tracing your Swedish ancestry

[929.1 D27 Searching for your ancestors : the how and why of genealogy

[929.1 G925 How to trace your family tree : a complete and easy to understand guide for the beginner

[929.1 B261b 1988 Write it right : a manual for writing family histories and genealogies

[929.1 G925 Cite your sources : a manual for documenting family histories and genealogical records

[929.1 L617L Your family history : how to use oral history, personal family archives, and public documents to discover your heritage

[929.1 M625e Evidence! : Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian

[929.102 Family associations, societies and reunions (a comprehensive listing)

[929.1092 W621 1990 Who’s who in genealogy & heraldry (oversize)

[929.273 W67 The unredeemed captive: a family story from early America

[929.42 A dictionary of surnames

[940 E7ae Atlas of European history

[942 A5oc Calendar of British historical manuscripts in the office of the secretary of state, Albany, New York, 1664-1776

[943 D25hc The Atlantic bridge to Germany: Volume V; Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Bremen

[ Schleswig-Holstinians in North America ed. Buchloh, Dix, Timm
[943.512 W2sn (similar title) Schleswig-Holstein/Nordamerika : Versuche eines interdisziplinären Ansatzes

[944.88 Montaillou Emmaneul LeRoy Ladurie

[948 A1 How and where to research your ethnic-American cultural heritage : Scandinavian Americans

[Early Illustrations and Views of American Architecture (oversize)

[970 E3L Early maps of North America

[970 H2n The Northmen, Columbus and Cabot, 985-1503 : the voyages of the Northmen

[970 H24d Directory, historical agencies in North America

[970.01 M22D The day before America / William H. MacLeish ; illustrated by Will Bryant.

[970.01 SM6 The Smithsonian book of North American Indians : before the coming of the Europeans / by Philip Kopper and the editors of Smithsonian Books (oversize)

[970.02 The invasion of America : Indians, colonialism, and the cant of conquest / by Francis Jennings.

[970.1 J443 The Ambiguous Iroquois Empire: The Covenant Chain Confederation of Indian Tribes with English Colonies from its beginning to the Lancaster Treaty of 1744

[970.1 j5 Empire of Fortune: Crowns, Colonies & Tribes in the Seven Years War in America

[970.1 M297S The skulking way of war : technology and tactics among the New England Indians / Patrick M. Malone (oversize)

[970.1 W155i Indians in Pennsylvania

[970.3 The Delawares : a critical bibliography / C.A. Weslager.

[970.3 The Delaware Indian westward migration: with the texts of two manuscripts (1821-22) responding to General Lewis Cass’s inquiries about Lenape culture and language / C.A. Weslager.

[970.3 D376w The Delaware Indians, a history

[970.3 A brief account of the Indians of Delaware / by C.A. Weslager ; with drawings by John Swientochowski.

[970.3 D376k The Lenape : archaeology, history, and ethnography

[970.3 D376 The Lenape-Delaware Indian Heritage: 10,000 B.C. – A.D. 2000 (oversize)

[970.3 D376 The Lenape Indians of New Jersey

[970.3 D376 The Indians of Lenapehoking (The Lenape or Delaware Indians)

[970.3 D376md The Red record : the Wallam olum of the Lenni Lenape, the Delaware Indians, a translation and study by David McCutchen

[970.3 William Penn’s Own Account of the Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians ed. Abert Cook Myers

[970.3 The Red Men on the Brandywine

[970.3 The Siconese Indians of Lewes, Delaware: A Historical Account of a “great” Bayside Lenape Tribe (2 copies)

[970.3 N158w The Nanticoke Indians : past and present

[970.3 The Indians of New Jersey

[970.3 Susquehanna’s Indians / by Barry C. Kent.

[970.3 Jacob My Friend: the 17th Century Account of the Susquehannock Indians

[970.1 St49i Indians of Southern New Jersey

[970.4 St. Lawrence County Historical Association Quarterly, Spring 1993

[970.4 Connections

[970 F2jaj The Jesuit relations and allied documents; travels and explorations of the Jesuit missionaries in North America, 1610-1791. With an introd. by Reuben Gold Thwaites. Selected and edited by Edna Kenton. Pref. by George N. Shuster.

[973 A3usn Guide to genealogical research in the National Archives

[973 A3 Guide to genealogical records in the National Archives

[973 A3r Rules for Using Historical Records at the National Archives and Records Administration

[973 A37sa Guide to Swedish-American archival and manuscript sources in the United States (2 copies)

[974 H21b Forefathers’ Day Banquet 1938

[974 H21b The Swedish Colonial Society: Its Origin, Purposes, and Members, 1938

[974 H21b The Swedish Colonial Society: Its Accomplishments – Its Plans for the Future (2 copies)

[974 H21 The Swedish Colonial Society: Governor Johan Printz memorial Edition: History, Charter, By-laws, Officers, Members, Publications, etc.

[974 H21b The Swedish Colonial Society: Officers, Councillors, Members, Meetings, 1954-1957 (3 copies)

[974 H21b Report to the Council of The Swedish Colonial Society and to the Vestry of Gloria Dei Church Upon Developments that have lead to the establishment of Gloria Dei National Historical Park

[973 B25sp The Swedish-American historical quarterly (10 issues and index)(Continues) The Swedish pioneer historical quarterly

[973 B2chs The Chronicle (American-Swedish Historical Foundation : Pennsylvania) (3 issues 1954-1956)

[973 B2chs American Swedish Historical Foundation Yearbook (most issues 1944 to 1972)

[973 B2chs American-Swedish Historical Foundation Bulletin

[973 B2chs American Swedish Historical Museum Report, 1941

[973 B2chs American Swedish Historical Foundation Report, 1951

[973 B2chs John Morton Memorial Building

[973 B2chs American Swedish Historical Museum: Its origins, its functions, … (33-page pamphlet 2 copies)Amandus Johnson

[973 B2chs American Swedish Historical Museum, League Island Park, Philadelphia …

[973 B2chs New Swedish Historical Exhibit, 1638-1938

[973 B2chs Out of the North

[973 B2chs Monument of a Cultural Heritage: The American Swedish Historical Museum (2 copies)

[973 B2chs American Swedish Historical Foundation

[973 B2chs The Swedish Finn Historical Society Newsletter, Vol. 5, No.2 April 1, 1996

[973 C42da 1990 DAR patriot index Centennial Edition (Parts 1-3)

[973 dc21 Inheriting the Revolution

[973 D2p Descendants of the signers of the Declaration of Independence: Volume 4, Pennsylvania

[973 D27rb 1992 Ancestry’s red book : American state, county & town sources (oversize)

[973 D27e 1981 The Handy book for genealogists (oversize)

[973 D27g 1990 The researcher’s guide to American genealogy

[973 D3wf The colonial clergy of the middle colonies : New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania 1628-1776

[973 D33w Fighters for independence : a guide to sources of biographical information on soldiers and sailors of the American Revolution

[973 D4h Family names : how our surnames came to America

[970. Lindstrom’s Geographia Americae: with and Account of the Delaware Indians

[973 E2s Names on the land : a historical account of place-naming in the United States

[973 E2Lo Swedish place-names in North America

[973 E2 American place names

[973 E6 Baedeker’s United States: Handbook for Travellers

[973 E3a Atlas of American history

[973 E3me The shaping of America : a geographical perspective on 500 years of history

[973.04 E184 Swedish American Landmarks: Where to Go and What to See

[ Swedish Patriots and Founders of the United States (2 copies)

[ The Lutheran Church in American History

[ Methodist history

[973 E6L Early American inns and taverns

[948.502 Ecclesia Plantanda Swedishness in Colonial America Daniel Lindmark

[948.502 The Bridge – Karlstad, Sweden, 6 volumes

[973 F2cst Swedes in North America, 1638-1988 : technical, cultural, and political achievements (2 copies)

[973 F2joh Swedish contributions to American freedom, 1776 – 1783 : including a sketch of the background of the Revolution, together with an account of the engagements in which Swedish officers participated, and biographical sketches of these men

[973 F2ng The Swedes and the Swedish settlements in North America

[973 F2ni Old friends – strong ties

[973 F2s Swedish Heritage

[973 F2sk The Swedish heritage in America : the Swedish element in America and American-Swedish relations in their historical perspective

[973 F25s Swedish American genealogist (99 issues with 21 duplicate copies of those having Craig content)

[973 H19L Liberty in America, 1600 to the present / Oscar and Lilian Handlin.

[973 H2 The New World : Volume 1: Prehistory to 1774

[973 H2a Album of American history, Volume 1: Colonial Period .. (oversize)

[973 H2alm The Almanac of American history

[973 H2bab Sweden and the American Revolution

[973 H2cds Colonial Dutch studies : an interdisciplinary approach

[973 H2fis Albion’s seed: four British folkways in America

[974 H219h The northern colonial frontier, 1607-1763.

[973 H2gjp Great Britain and the American colonies, 1606-1763

[973 H2anh America : a narrative history / George Brown Tindall

[973 H2bc A basic history of the United States / the co-operative work of Charles A. Beard, Mary R. Beard, and William Beard.

[973 H2dk Don’t know much about history : everything you need to know about American history but never learned / Kenneth C. Davis.

[973 H2 ox The Oxford history of the American people

[973 H2ph A people’s history of the United States : 1492-present / Howard Zinn.

[North America and the Beginnings of European Colonization

[973.1 Explorers and settlers: Historic Places Commemorating the Early Exploration and Settlement of the United States

[973 H2rp The Great wagon road from Philadelphia to the South

[973 H23am Books about early America: 2001 titles

[973 H6w The population of the British colonies in America before 1776 : a survey of census data

[973 H6y Family Folklore: Interviewing Guide and Questionnaire

[973 H6z A celebration of American family folklore : tales and traditions from the Smithsonian collection

[973 J53gm Guide to records in the National Archives – Mid Atlantic Region

[973 J53m Military Service Records in the National Archives of the United States

[973 J53m Military Service Records: A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications (NARA)

[973 J5 The American history sourcebook

[973 M2ti The Toll of independence : engagements & battle casualties of the American Revolution

[973 N2w 1676, the end of American independence

[973 R2bo Revolutionary War bounty land grants awarded by state governments

[973 R2cp American Loyalist Claims: Volume I, Abstracted from the Public Record Office, Audit Office series 13, bundles 1-35 & 37

[973 SA7C Colonials and patriots; historic places commemorating our forebears, 1700-1783, by Frank B. Sarles, Jr., and Charles E. Shedd. Edited by John Porter Bloom and Robert M. Utley.

[973 SM45A Ft. Wayne) After the Revolution : the Smithsonian history of everyday life in the eighteenth century / Barbara Clark Smith.

[973 W3on Swedish passenger arrivals in the United States 1820-1850

[973 X2th Map guide to the U.S. Federal censuses, 1790-1920

[973 X4g American population before the federal census of 1790

[973 X2Lai State census records

[973.2 AM3A The American heritage history of the Thirteen Colonies, by the editors of American heritage. Editor in charge: Michael Blow; narrative [by] Louis B. Wright; pictorial commentary [by] Ralph K. Andrist (oversize)

[973.2 SM6S Seventeenth-century America; essays in colonial history.

[973.2 Early Americans / Carl Bridenbaugh.

[973.20722 Colonial British America, Essays in the New History of the Early Modern Era

[973.2 European Background of American History 1300-1600

[973.3 SM5N A new age now begins : a people’s history of the American Revolution (2 volumes)

[973.311 T79F The fall of the first British Empire : origins of the War of American Independence by Robert W. Tucker and David C. Hendrickson.

[973 W2ba Voyagers to the West : a passage in the peopling of America on the eve of the Revolution

[974 E6 Historic Districts of America, The Mid-Atlantic: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

[973 H2fdu the Dutch and Quaker Colonies in America (2 volumes)

[974 D Dutch Systems in Family Naming, New York – New Jersey

[974 E6 Olof Wijk’s North American Diary of 1829

[974 F2d The Dutch & Swedes on the Delaware, 1609-1664

[974 F2f The Delaware Finns, or, The first permanent settlements in Pennsylvania, Delaware, West New Jersey and eastern part of Maryland

[974 F2s Annals of the Swedes on the Delaware : from their first settlement in 1636, to the present time (2 copies, 1914 & 1938)

[973 H2aa The people of New Sweden : our colony on the Delaware River 1638-1655

[974 H2ac A History of New Sweden; or, The Settlements on the River Delaware

[974 H2ac 1972 A History of New Sweden; or, The Settlements on the River Delaware

[974 H2dn The rise and fall of New Sweden : Governor Johan Risingh’s journal 1654-1655 in its historical context (2 copies)

[974 H2f A history of the original settlements on the Delaware… & a history of Wilmington

[974 H2j 1927 The Swedes on the Delaware, 1638-1664

[974 H2j 1911 The Swedish settlement on the Delaware, 1648-1664

[974 H2j 1969 The Swedish settlement on the Delaware, 1648-1664

[973 H2ma New Sweden, the dream of an empire (oversize)

[974 H2o Våra första amerikafarare : historien om finlandssvenskarna i Nya Sverige (Swedish)

[973 H2ns New Sweden in the new world, 1638-1655

[974 H2w Sketch and Map of a trip from Philadelphia to Tinicum Island, Delaware County, Pennslvania: Where the Swedes Founded the First Permanent Colony, and Established and Maintained for Twelve Years (from 1643 to 1655) the First Seat of Government in Pennsylvania, Thirty-nine Years before the Coming of William Penn

[974 H2w New Sweden on the Delaware, 1638-1655

[974 H2wc New Sweden on the Delaware, 1638-1655 (2 copies, 1 is paperback)

[974 H2we A Ruse De Guerre – and the Fall of New Sweden

[974 H21a “The Legacy of New Sweden, Swedish and Finnish Sites in America, 1638-1787”

[974 H21b New Sweden Maps, by Hans Ling (CD)

[974 H21b1 New Sweden Maps (CD)

[974 H21b2 New Sweden River Maps – 1654 both copies (CD)

[974 H21b3 1654 Fort Christina Map by Peter Lindstrom (CD)

[974 H21b4 New Sweden Maps from War Archives in Sweden (CD)

[974 H21c 1643-1943 : The Three Hundredth Anniversary of the Establishment of Civilization within the Present Limits of Pennsylvania

[974 H21d New Sweden: The 350th Anniversary of the Settlement of the Swedes and Finns in Delaware (2 copies)

[974 H21e Delaware 350: 350 Years of Finnish American Friendship 1638-1988: The Beginning of Finnish Migration to the New World

[975.1 E6 Delaware Today, April 1988 (2 copies)

[974 H21f Before Penn: Swedish Colonists in the Land of the Lenape by Zoriana E. Siokalo

[974 H21g The New Sweden Colony, Feb 6 – May 15, 1988

[974 H21h New Sweden in Documents 1638 – March 29, 1988

[974 H21i New Sweden in America

[974 H21j The Flag Still Waves: New Sweden on the Delaware

[974 H21k New Sweden ’88, 350 Years of Friendship

[974 H21l The New Sweden Project, final report

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[974 H21n The New Sweden Project – New Jersey Farmstead, 1988

[974 H21o New Sweden 1988, Swedish National [?] Committee

[974 H21c1 New Sweden Historical Exhibit, ASHM, 1938

[974 H211a Pehr Kalms Amerikanska Reserakning (rsb ?? Is this with other Swedish language books?)

[974 H211a1 Pehr Kalm Resejournal o¨ver resan till norra Amerika. 2d, 3d & 4th volumes

[974 H211a2 Peter Kalm’s North America Journey: Its Ideological Background and Results (2 copies)

[974 H211a3 The America of 1750: Peter Kalm’s travels in North America : the English version of 1770 / revised from the original Swedish and edited by Adolph B. Benson. Volumes 1 & 2.

[974 H212a 1671 census of the Delaware

[974 H212b The 1693 census of the Swedes on the Delaware : family histories of the Swedish Lutheran Church members residing in Pennsylvania, Delaware, west New Jersey and Cecil County, Md., 1638-1693

[974 H213b New Sweden 1638-1938: Being A Catalog of Rare books and Manuscripts Relating to Swedish Colonization on the Delaware River

[974 H215a Swedish landmarks in the Delaware Valley

[974 H216a The eight Old Swedes’ churches of New Sweden / by Kim-Eric Williams ; photography, Marianne Mackenzie.

[974 H216b The Church in New Sweden 1658-1988

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[974 H216d Early American studies: an interdisciplinary journal

[974 H216e Andreas Sandels DagBok 1701-1743

[974 H217b A Man and His Ship, Peter Minuit and the Kalmar Nyckel

[974 H217ba Kalmar Nyckel: Delaware’s Tall Ship Ambassador: Launch the Ship, September 28, 1997

[974 H217c The Instruction for Johan Printz, governor of New Sweden, “the first constitution or supreme law of the states of Pennsylvania and Delaware”: translated from Swedish with introduction, notes and appendices… by Amandus Johnson and introduction by John Frederick Lewis

[974 H218 Narratives of early Pennsylvania, west New Jersey, and Delaware, 1630-1707

[974 H219a Walter Wharton’s land survey register, 1675-1679 : west side Delaware River, from Newcastle County, Delaware into Bucks County, Pennsylvania

[974 H219b The English on the Delaware: 1610-1682

[974.7 A3c Calendar of Dutch historical manuscripts in the office of the Secretary of State, Albany, New York: 1630-1664: Part I, Dutch Manuscripts

[974.7 A3g A Guide to Dutch manuscripts relating to New Netherland in United States repositories

[974.7 B4ne Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam and New York : baptisms from 25 December, 1639, to 27 December, 1730

[974.7 B4ne Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam and New York : baptisms from 1 January, 1731, to 29 December, 1800

[974.7 E6d Journal of Jasper Danckaerts, 1679-1680

[974.7 E6ny New York : a guide to the empire state

[974.7 F112nn New Netherland Documents Series, Volume 1, index by Peter Craig

[974.7 F122ny New York historical manuscripts, Dutch 8 volumes

[974.7 F122nya New York Historical Manuscript Series 3 volumes

[974.7 F122nye New York historical manuscripts, English 5 volumes

[974.7 F2sce Scandinavian immigrants in New York, 1630-1674 : with appendices on Scandinavians in Mexico and South America, 1532-1640; Scandinavians in Canada, 1619-1620; some Scandinavians in New York in the eighteenth century; German immigrants in New York, 1630-1674

[974.7 H2dw Dutch explorers, traders and settlers in the Delaware Valley, 1609-1664 (2 copies)

[974.7 H2jn Narratives of New Netherland, 1609-1664 : with three maps and a facsimile

[974.7 H2ri Holland on the Hudson: An Economic and Social History of Dutch New York

[974.7 H2rj Peltries or Plantations: the Economic Policies of the Dutch West India Company in New Netherland, 1623-1639.

[974.7 H2sh The story of New Amsterdam

[974.7 H2vo A description of the New Netherlands

[974.7 H2vz A sweet and alien land : the story of Dutch New York

[974.7 H3 Community: Birthplace of Popular Consent. A Salute to N.Y.’s Bicentennial Towns, 1988

[974.7 P28f 1967 Calendar of wills on file and recorded in the offices of the Clerk of the County Court of Appeals, of the County Clerk at Albany, and of the Secretary of State, 1626-1836

[974.71 A3ge Genealogical resources in the New York metropolitan area (oversize)

[974.71 H2si The island at the center of the world : the epic story of Dutch Manhattan and the forgotten colony that shaped America

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[974.8 D27a Pennsylvania – The First 150 Years: Using Historical Documents II, An introduction to historical research for young students

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[974.8 E Pennsylvania Landmarks of the Revolution: A Bicentennial Guidebook for Visitors

[974.8 E3a Catalog of Published Pennsylvania Maps

[974.8 E3b Pennsylvania Index to Topigraphic and other Map Coverage

[974.8 A39p Early Pennsylvania land records : minutes of the Board of Property of the province of Pennsylvania

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[974.8 A39pah Guide to the manuscript collections of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

[974.8 B4w The Welcome claimants proved, disproved and doubtful with an account of some of their descendantsGeorge Englert McCracken ; with a foreward by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr

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[974.8 D27m Sources for genealogical searching in Pennsylvania

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[974.8 E3L The best poor man’s country : a geographical study of early southeastern Pennsylvania

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[974.8 E6f Old roads out of Philadelphia

[974.8 E6w Pennsylvania; a guide to the keystone state

[974.8 E7wa Indian paths of Pennsylvania (oversize)

[974.8 F2g Welsh founders of Pennsylvania

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[974.8 F2s The Swedes in Pennsylvania (7 copies)

[973 H2hs Annals of Pennsylvania from the discovery of the Delaware, 1609-1682 (cover damaged)

[974.8 H2jj History of the early settlement of the Juniata Valley : embracing an account of the early pioneers and the trails and privations incident to the settlement of the valley, predatory incursions, massacres, and abductions by the Indians during the French and Indian wars and the war of the revolution &c.

[974.8 H2kj Pennsylvania, the colonial years, 1681-1776

[974.8 H2kps A history of Pennsylvania

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[974.8 V2n Pennsylvania marriages prior to 1790 : names of persons for whom marriage licenses were issued in the province of Pennsylvania previous to 1790

[974.8 V2r Record of Pennsylvania marriages, prior to 1810, Volumes 1 & 2

[974.8 W2 The Papers of William Penn, 5 volumes

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[974.8 W89 William Penn’s Legacy : Politics and Social Structure in Provincial Pennsylvania 1726-1755

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[974.81 R2b Welsh tract of Pennsylvania; the early settlers

[974.811 A3d Descriptive inventory of the archives of the city and county of Philadelphia

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[974.811 B38a Genealogical abstracts from the American Weekly Mercury, 1719-1746

[974.811 B38s Abstracts from Ben Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1748

[974.811 B38sa Abstracts from the Pennsylvania Gazette, 1748-1755

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[974.811 C9b Philadelphia Preserved: Catalog of the Historic American Buildings Survey

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[974.811 E4 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & Vicinity Street Map, incldes: All of Delaware County, Camden, New Jersey, and portions of Chester, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties (maps shelf)

[974.811 E5 Little journeys around old Philadelphia, by George Barton … illustrations by Frank H. Taylor.

[974.811 H2b Philadelphia, holy experiment, by Struthers Burt. Illustrated with photographs.

[974.811 H2b The private city : Philadelphia in three periods of its growth

[974.811 H2pj Bring out your dead : the great plague of yellow fever in Philadelphia in 1793

[974.811 H2p Philadelphia, a 300-year history

[974.811 H2s History of Philadelphia, 1609-1884 (3 volumes)

[974.811 K1cc A historical account of Christ Church, Philadelphia, from its foundation A.D. 1695 to A.D. 1841 and of St. Peter’s and St. James’s until the separation of the churches

[974.811 K1ccb Christ Church of Philadelphia: The Nation’s Church in a Changing City

[974.811 K2h Baptisms and burials from the records of Christ Church, Philadelphia, 1709-1760

[974.811 K2hgd Organ Handbook 1996

[974.811 K2hgda Jasper Swedberg: America Illuminata

[974.811 K2hgda The journal and biography of Nicholas Collin, 1746-1831 : the journal translated from the original Swedish manuscript

[974.811 K2hgdb Pastor Wrangel’s Trip to the Shore

[929. The Red Ribbons, The Journeys of Armegott Printz Esther Chilstrom-Meixner

[ The Governor’s Daughter (2 copies)

[929. The Journey of Justus Falckner (1672-1723)

[974.811 K2hk Order of Service Commemorating the Two Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Saint James (Old Swedes) Church of Kingsessing [Pennsylvania]

[974.811 K2hsm St. Michael’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Germantown (now part of Philadelphia), Pennsylvania, 1741-1841; 1741-1845 (2 volumes)

[974.811 K2hj Pennsylvania births, Philadelphia County, 1644-1765; 1766-1780 (2 volumes)

[974.811 K2w Philadelphia Quakers, 1681-1981

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[974.811/G1 P2d Acta Germanopolis : records of the Corporation of Germantown Pennsylvania 1691-1707

[974.811 R4r Colonial Philadelphians

[974.812 D2j Genealogical landmarks and milestones of the lower Perkiomen country

[974.812 H2be History of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

[974.812 K2a History of Christ Church (Old Swedes), Upper Merion, 1760-1960

[974.812 K2aa The Stained Glass at Christ Church – Old Swedes

[974.812 K2f Bi-centennial anniversary of the Friends’ meeting-house at Merion, Pennsylvania : 1695-1895.

[974.812 K2h Pennsylvania births, Montgomery County, 1682-1800

[974.812 V3t Memorials in stone : tombstone inscriptions, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, West Norriton Township

[974.812 Z Valley Forge: Visitors Guide to the Valley Forge Area and Montgomery County Spring/Summer 1997

[974.812 z2 Merion Mercies: the New World Saga

[974.813 A Chester County Historical Society: A Brief History

[974.813 E Chester County Landmarks: Including Landmarks at Brandywine and Valley Forge

[974.813 E7b Breou’s official series of farm maps, Chester County, Pennsylvania: compiled, drawn and published from personal examinations and surveys by W.H. Kirk & Co (oversize)

[974.801 C42HM Ye west side of the Brandywine : the story of Pennsbury Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania / by M.L. Chandler Hughes and Frieda W. McMullan.

[974.823 H2 The History of Chester County Pennsylvania J. Smith Futhey Gilbert Cope

[974.813 K2h Pennsylvania births, Chester County, 1682-1800

[974.813 P2g Guide to records of the Court of Common Pleas, Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1681-1900 : records of the prothonotary, civil records of the sheriff, select civil records of the Circuit Court of Chester County and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

[974.813 P23c Guide to records of the Court of Quarter Sessions, Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1681-1969 : records of the Clerk of Courts, records of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery, criminal records of the Sheriff

[974.813 P28m Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania

[974.813 P29L Orphan Court Minutes, Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1734 – 1746/7, Volume 4

[974.813 P29L Records of the Orphans Court for Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1747-1761, Volumes 5 and 6

[974.813 R28b Abstracts of Chester County, Pennsylvania land records (5 volumes)

[974.814 A3c Delaware County (Pennsylvania) bibliography

[974.814 H2a “Then and Now” Newsletter of Delaware County, Pennsylvania (1 issue)

[974.814 H2a Proceedings of the Delaware County Historical Society, 1922 to 1929

[974.814 H2a The Johan Printz Monument

[974.814 H2a The Cradle of Pennsylvania

[974.814 H2ab The First 100 Years of Delaware County, Pennsylvania

[974.814 H2j A History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and its people (2 volumes)

[974.814 H2s History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, from the Discovery of the Territory included within its Limits to the Present Time …

[974.814 H2xa Pennsylvania: A Grant to Us and Our Heirs

[974.814 H2xb A Graphic History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania (2 copies)

[974.814 H2xc A Swedish Log Cabin: Three Centuries of History on Darby Creek

[974.814 K2h Pennsylvania births, Delaware County, 1682-1800

[974.814 P2w Wills of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, 1789-1835

[974.814/C1 H2m Chester (and its vicinity,) Delaware County, in Pennsylvania; with genealogical sketches of some old families

[974.815 K2h Pennsylvania births, Lancaster County, 1723-1777

[974.815 P2 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, quarter sessions abstracts (1729-1742) Book 1

[974.815 R28m Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, land records, 1729-1750 and land warrants, 1710-1742

[974.815/L1 K2we The earliest records of Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1730-1744

[974.816 C4t Transactions of the Historical Society of Berks County, Volume 3, embracing Papers Contributed to the Society 1910-1916

[974.816 K2h Pennsylvania births, Berks County (2 volumes)

[974.816 h2 Hopewell Village: The Dynamics of a Nineteenth Century Iron-Making Community

[974.816 H2pgp v. 28 Oley Valley heritage; the colonial years, 1700-1775 (oversize)

[974.816/R2 H2n The foundation of the town of Reading in Pennsylvania

[974.816 P28m Abstracts of Berks County Wills, 1752-1785 (Pennsylvania)

[974.816 R2b The petitioners; 18th-century actions to erect present-day Berks County townships

[974.821 K2h Pennsylvania births, Bucks County, 1682-1800

[974.821 R4m Bucks County tax records, 1693-1778

[974.8 A1 Mother Cumberland : tracing your ancestors in south-central Pennsylvania

[974.84 B38a Abstracts of south central Pennsylvania newspapers : items from the Carlisle Gazette and the York Advertiser pertaining to the lives of persons living in south central Pennsylvania (3 volumes)

[974.841 K2hj Pennsylvania births, York County, 1730-1800 (2 copies)

[974.882 X2 The 1783 tax lists and the 1790 federal census for Washington County, Pennsylvania

[974.884 H2v 1975 The Monongahela of old; or, Historical sketches of south-western Pennsylvania to the year 1800

[974.9 D22si New Jersey family index : a guide to the genealogical sketches in New Jersey collective sources

[974.9 A3 Historic American Building Survey of New Jersey: Catalog or the Measured Drawings, Photographs and Written Documents in the Survey

[974.9 B49a Documents relating to the Colonial history of the state of New Jersey (2 volumes: 1631-1687 & 1687-1703)

[974.9 B49a New Jersey marriage records, 1665-1800

[974.9 D23h 1980 Genealogical resources in Southern New Jersey

[974.9 E3e Combination atlas map of Salem & Gloucester counties, New Jersey (maps shelf ?)

[974.9 E3f Franklin’s Street & Zip Code Atlas of Map of Gloucester County, N.J. and Salem County, N.J. (maps shelf ?)

[974.9 E6w The WPA guide to 1930s New Jersey

[974.9 F2 The Swedes and Finns in Early New Jersey

[974.9 F2fe The Swedes and Finns in New Jersey

[974.9 A1 Early settlements on or near the Raccoon (2 copies)

[974.9 H2cu History of the counties of Gloucester, Salem, and Cumberland, New Jersey : with biographical sketches of their prominent citizens

[974.9 H2cu index An index to the Cushing and Sheppard history of Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland counties, New Jersey

[974.9 H2mr New Jersey from colony to state, 1609-1789

[974.9 H2pi Iron in the pines : the story of New Jersey’s ghost towns and bog iron

[974.9 H2t Under Four Flags ed. by Turp (oversize)

[974.9 H2va Early taverns and stagecoach days in New Jersey

[974.9 H2wa Land and people : a cultural geography of preindustrial New Jersey origins and settlement patterns

[974.9 K2w Early church records of Atlantic and Cape May counties, New Jersey

[974.902 P388SA St. George’s Episcopal Church (Pennsville, N.J.) : a parish history 1714 – 1964 / edited by Alden G. Richardson.

[974.965/P3 K2r The Records of the Swedish Lutheran churches at Raccoon and Penns Neck, 1713-1786

[974.965/P3 K2ra Membership of Swedish Lutheran Churches at Raccoon and Penns Neck, N. J. (1771) (2 copies)

[974.9 M25no 1970 Records of officers and men of New Jersey in wars 1791-1815 (oversize)

[974.9 P28 Calendar of New Jersey wills

[974.9 R28n Patents and deeds and other early records of New Jersey, 1664-1703

[974.9 R4s Revolutionary census of New Jersey : an index, based on ratables, of the inhabitants of New Jersey during the period of the American Revolution

[974.981 B2g Publications of the Gloucester County Historical Society 1993

[974.981 E3 Map of Historic Sites in Gloucester County

[974.981 E3 New Stockholm

[974.981 H2b Gloucester County under the Proprietors

[974.981 H2c Old Gloucester County and the American Revolution, 1763-1778: including Atlantic, Burlington, Cape May, Cumberland, and Salem Counties

[974.981 H2s Under four flags, old Gloucester County, 1686-1964 : a history of Gloucester County, New Jersey

[974.981 H2sf Notes on old Gloucester County, New Jersey : historical records published by the New Jersey Society of Pennsylvania

[974.981 K2m The records of the Moravian Church at Oldman’s Creek, Gloucester County, New Jersey

[974.981/S1 K2m The records of Trinity Episcopal Church (Old Swedes), Swedesboro, Gloucester County, New Jersey, 1785-1975

[974.9 A1 The Organization and minutes of the Gloucester County court, 1686-7 : some loose papers pertaining to our earliest court, also Gloucester county ear mark book 1686-1728

[974.981 R28s Index of land documents in the possession of the Gloucester County Historical Society

[974.984 H25a Atlantic County Historical Society : Yearbook with Historical and Genealogical Data 2000/2001 v.14 #1 Oct 2000

[974.991 B4s Salem County Historical Society Publications, Vol. 3, No. 2 – Historical and Genealogical Catalogue

[974.991 B4s Salem County Historical Society Publications, Vol. 2, No. 4 – Place names of Salem County, N.J

[974.991 B4s Quarterly Newsletter, Salem County Historical Society, v.52 #3 Fall 2007 (1 issue)

[974.991 D2cg Genealogical data, the Salem Tenth in west New Jersey

[974.991 E6 Souvenir Map of Historic Sites in Salem County existing during the American revolution (2 copies)
[974.991 H1 Historical Sites of Lower Alloways Creek Township

[974.991 D2 Open House in Fenwick’s Colony, Salem County, New Jersey established 1675

[974.991 surname Major John Fenwick by Frank H. Stewart Republished in 1964 by Salem County Historical Society, v.2 #3, 74 pages w/ index

[974.991 H1a History and genealogy of Fenwick’s Colony

[974.991 H1a Corrections of Shourd’s history of Fenwick Colony

[974.991 H1a Fenwick’s colony ; Salem County pictorial, 1675-1964 / (oversize)

[974.991 K2m Early church records of Salem County, New Jersey

[974.991 H2st Salem County in the revolution

[974.994 H2e History of the early settlement and progress of Cumberland County, New Jersey : and of the currency of this and the adjoining colonies

[974.999 H2 Tales of Three Towns, Cinnaminson, Palmyra & Riverton

[975 D3w 1978 The Colonial clergy of Maryland, Delaware, and Georgia

[975 H2ch The Chesapeake in the seventeenth century : essays on Anglo-American society

[975 H2ma Tobacco coast : a maritime history of Chesapeake Bay in the colonial era

[975.1 A Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of Delaware: Lenape Ethnology from William Penn’s Relation of 1683

[975.1 A Delaware’s buried past; a story of archaeological adventure, by C.A. Weslager.

[975.1 A3g Delaware, a guide to the first State. Compiled and written by the Federal Writers’ Project of the Works Progress Administration for the State of Delaware.

[975.1 A3gg Delaware genealogical research guide

[975.1 A3r A bibliography of Delaware through 1960

[975.1 E Delaware under the New York Governors – 1664-1682

[975.1 E Dutch and Swedish Land Records relating to Delaware: Some New Documents and a Checklist

[975.1 E Three Lists of Passengers to New Amstel

[975.1 D2mc Neighbors of the Wilmington-Great Valley Turnpike

[975.1 D25dg The Delaware historical and genealogical recall of Matilda Spicer Hart

[975.1 D37D Delaware Tercentenary: Official Program of the Celebration June 27, 1938, Wilmington, Delaware

[975.1 D37D the Swedish Settlements on the Delaware

[975.1 D37D Delaware tercentenary almanack & historical repository, 1938 : being a valuable compendium of historical information concerning the state of Delaware

[975.1 E2d Dutch and Swedish place-names in Delaware

[975.1 E Delaware Sketch Book, an Historical Experience

[975.1 E5 Up the Spine and down the Creek: A Pictorial History from Queen Christina to William Penn

[975.1 E North from Wilmington by Oulde Roades and Turnpikes, including Brandywine, Christiana Hundreds, Delaware; and adjacent areas of Pennsbury and Bethe townships, Pennsylvania Sawin & McEwing

[975.1 E6 Delaware’s forgotten river; the story of the Christina.

[975.1 G2 Delaware family histories and genealogies

[975.1 H2mu Colonial Delaware : a history

[975.1 H2mu Colonial Delaware : a history

[975.1 H67D Delaware : a Bicentennial history / Carol E. Hoffecker.

[975.1 H The First State: An Illustrated History of Delaware (oversize)

[975.1 M2ph Revolutionary patriots of Delaware : genealogical and historical information on the men and women of Delaware who served the American cause during the war against Great Britain, 1775-1783 (oversize)

[975.1 N2b Colonial Delaware assemblymen, 1682-1776

[975.1 P22v Colonial Delaware wills and estates to 1800: an index

[975.1 R2o 1988 Original land titles in Delaware, commonly known as the Duke of York record : being an authorized transcript from the official archives of the state of Delaware, and comprising the letters patent, permits, commissions, surveys, plats and confirmations by the Duke of York and other high officials, from 1646 to 1679, with revised index

[975.1 X2r 1782 The Reconstructed Delaware state census of 1782

[975.1 X2n 1782 Delaware 1782 tax assessment and census lists (oversize)

[975.1 X2d 1790 Reconstructed 1790 census of Delaware

[975.1 X2p 1800 1800 census, Delaware

[975.11 A3i 1994 Inventory of the county archives of Delaware, no. 1, New Castle County

[975.11 C New Sweden in America

[975.11 E A Day in Old New Castle (undated)

[975.11 H2ws The Swedes and the Dutch at New Castle: with highlights in the History of the Delaware Valley 1638-1664

[975.11 H2h New Castle on the Delaware

[975.11 H A History of Christiana, Delaware

[975.11 H Brandywine Village : the story of a milling community / Carol E. Hoffecker.

[975.11 K2a Holy Trinity, Old Swedes Church: Founded 1638 – Present church erected 1698

[975.11 K2a Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church : A Photographic Tour

[975.11 K2g Membership of Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church in Wilmington, Delaware (1764) Richard H. Hulan, Peter S. Craig (2 copies)

[975.11 K2gb The records of Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church, Wilmington, Del., from 1697 to 1773 translated from the original Swedish by Horace Burr with an abstract of the English records from 1773 to 1810

[975.11 K2gc Catalogue and errata of the records of Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church / as translated by Horace Burr

[975.11 K2i God With Us: A Continuing Presence and the Vital records taken from the Parish Records of Immanuel Church, New Castle, Delaware

[975.11 K2e Crane Hook on the Delaware, 1667-1699 : an early Swedish Lutheran Church and community with the historical background of the Delaware River Valley (3 copies)

[975.11 K2w Early church records of New Castle County, Delaware

[975.11 P2w Orphans’ Court proceedings of New Castle County, Delaware

[975.11 S2n A Calendar of Delaware wills, New Castle County, 1682-1800

[975.11 P28b New Castle County, Delaware, Wills, 1800-1813

[975.11 R29n New Castle County, Delaware land records (8 volumes)

[975.11 R4a Tax assessments of New Castle County, Delaware, 1816-1817

[975.14 P28d 1995 Calendar of Kent County, Delaware probate records, 1680-1800

[975.17 P23c Calendar of Sussex County, Delaware probate records, 1680-1800

[975.17 P29r Records of the courts of Sussex County, Delaware: 1677-1710 (2 volumes)

[975.171 Journal of the Lewes (Delaware) Historical Society

[975.171 Swanendael in New Netherland: The Early History of Delaware’s Oldest Settlement at Lewes

[975.171 History of Lewes, Delaware : with historical guide to Lewes and vicinity

[975.171 Lantern on Lewes: Where the past is presend, Stories of Historic Lewes, Delaware told in a lively manner by Hazel D. Brittingham

[975.2 A Genealogical Research in Maryland, A Guide, 1983

[975.2 B4 Archives of Maryland, Vol. 3 Proceedings of the Council 1636-1667
[975.2 B4 Archives of Maryland, Vol. 8 Proceedings of the Council 1687/8-1693

[975.2 D2g The Maryland gazette, 1727-1761 : genealogical and historical abstracts

[975.2 D2se Monocacy and Catoctin : some early settlers of Frederick and Carroll Counties, MD and Adams County, PA, also Descendants c. 1725-1985, Vol. 1

[277.48/0092/2, B Pennsylvania religious leaders edited by John M. Coleman, John B. Frantz, Robert G. Crist. (1986)

[277.48 Z The Zinzendorf-Muhlenburg Encounter: A Controversy in Search of Understanding by Walter H.Wagner (2002)

[975.2 D2ww Western Maryland Newspaper Abstracts (3 volumes)

[975.2 E2 Marylanders to Tennessee, 1775-1835

[975.2 E5k The placenames of Maryland, their origin and meaning : commerating Maryland’s 350th year

[975.2 E6w Maryland : a guide to the old line state

[975.2 E7p The Hammond-Harwood House atlas of historical maps of Maryland, 1608-1908 (oversize)

[975.2 G98P The Potomac [by] Frederick Gutheim. Illustrated with woodcuts by Mitchell Jamieson and historic prints.

[975.2 H2a Narratives of Early Maryland, 1633-1684

[975.2 H2b Early Maryland in a Wider World

[975.2 H2ca Maryland’s revolution of government, 1689 – 1692

[975.2 H2mt Tobacco Colony : life in early Maryland, 1650-1720

[975.2 H2pr Law, society, and politics in early Maryland : proceedings of the First Conference on Maryland History, June 14-15, 1974

[975.2 Z1 Maryland Magazine, Summer 1990 & 1988-89 (Scandinavians to America)

[975.2 H25m Maryland historical magazine (4 issues)

[975.2 H21a From Northern Shore: The Swedish and Finnish Presence in Colonial Maryland (3 copies)

[975.2 K2ba Maryland marriages, 1634-1777, Maryland marriages, 1778-1800 (2 volumes)

[975.2 K2f A history of Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends : three hundred years of Quakerism in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and central Pennsylvania

[975.2 K2g Three Hundred Years and More of Third Haven Quakerism: with an appendix: An Architectural History of Third Haven meetinghouse by Olando Ridout V

[975.2 K2ped A collection of Maryland church records

[975.2 M565WAT Waters of Potowmack / by Paul Metcalf.

[975.2 N2p A Biographical dictionary of the Maryland legislature, 1635-1789 (2 volumes)

[975.2 P28c The Maryland calendar of wills (16 volumes, 1635-1777)

[975.2 P28sk Abstracts of the Administration Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland (11 volumes, 1718-1777 plus supplement 1691-1706)

[975.2 P28 Abstracts of the balance books of the Prerogative Court of Maryland

[975.2 P28p Maryland deponents (2 volumes + more)

[975.2 P28p More Maryland Deponents 1716-1799

[975.2 P28sa Abstracts of the inventories and accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland (11 volumes)

[975.2 P28s Abstracts of the inventories of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, 1718-1777 (15 volumes – lacking vols. 2 & 6, libers 5-9 & 18-23)

[975.2 R2m Maryland rent rolls : Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties, 1700-1707, 1705-1724; a consolidation of articles from the Maryland historical magazine, with a new preface by Robert Barnes and a foreward by George B. Scriven, reprinted with a new index by Anita Comtois

[975.2 W2s The early settlers of Maryland : an index to names of immigrants compiled from records of land patents, 1633 – 1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland

[975.2 W2s Supp. A supplement to “The early settlers of Maryland” : comprising 8,680 entries correcting omissions and errors in Gust Skordas, The early settlers of Maryland”

[975.2 R28c Settlers of Maryland (5 volumes)

[975.2 R4c 1783 tax list of Maryland: part 1, Cecil, Talbot, Harford and Calvert Counties

[975.2 W2n To Maryland from overseas

[975.2 X2p 1790 Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790, Maryland

[975.21 D2b Colonial families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland (volumes 1 & 6)

[975.21 D2h 1990 Old Kent : the eastern shore of Maryland; notes illustrative of the most ancient records of Kent County Maryland, and of the parishes of St. Paul’s, Shrewsbury and I. U. and genealogical histories of old and distinguished families of Maryland, and their connections by marriage, etc., with an introduction

[975.21 H2f Rivers of the Eastern Shore : seventeen Maryland rivers

[975.21 K2wf Maryland Eastern Shore vital records (4 volumes, 1648-1725 & 1726-1750 & 1751-1775 & 1776-1800)

[975.23 M28p Revolutionary patriots of Kent & Queen Annes counties, Maryland

[975.236 D2p Inhabitants of Kent County, Maryland, 1637-1787

[975.236 E6 Chestertown, Maryland: An Inventory of Historic Sites

[975.238 B2 “The Landing” (14 issues)

[975.238 H2j 1989 History of Cecil County, Maryland, and the early settlements around the head of Chesapeake Bay and on the Delaware River : with sketches of some of the old families of Cecil County

[975.238 H2ji Index of History of Cecil County, Maryland by George Johnston, Compiled by the Genealogical Society of Cecil CountyJohnston, George (Main Author)

[975.238 K28p Early Anglican church records of Cecil County

[975.238 M28p Revolutionary patriots of Cecil County, Maryland

[975.238 P28k Cecil County, [Maryland] wills (3 volumes)

[975.238 R2r Patent list [of] the 8th district of Cecil County, Maryland : or Octoraro hundred

[975.238 R28g Land patents of Cecil County, Maryland : listing patents, patentees, acreage, dates, libers of recorded surveys and patents, certificate numbers of patented and unpatented certificates of the surveyors at the Maryland State Archives

[975.238 R28b Abstracts of Cecil County, Maryland, land records 1673-1751; 1734 – 1753 (2 volumes)

[975.238 V28c 1976 Cecil County, Maryland, marriage licenses : 1777-1840

[975.238 X38p Inhabitants of Cecil County, Maryland, 1649-1774;1774-1800 (2 volumes)

[975.238 Z Friends of Mount Harmon, Inc.

[975.251 R28j The land records of Prince George’s County, Maryland

[975.255 D3r First families of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, 1649-1658

[975.271 D2b Baltimore County families, 1659-1759

[975.271 R28s Baltimore County land records, 1665-1687 : from the Maryland historical magazine

[975.287 H2t Pioneers of Old Monocacy The Early Settlement of Frederick County, Maryland, 1721-1743

[975.287 K2w Records of marriages and burials in the Monocacy Church in Frederick County, Maryland and in the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in the city of Frederick, Maryland, 1743-1811

[975.287 P2r 1984 This was the life : excerpts from the judgment records of Frederick County, Maryland, 1748-1765

[975.287 R28a Frederick County, Maryland land records [abstracts]

[975.4 R22w 1992 Sims index to land grants in West Virginia

[975.47 H2jo The New River early settlement

[975.5 B2v Virginia magazine of history and biography (2 volumes)

[975.5 H2jp James Patton and the Appalachian colonists

[975.5 H2jpa William Preston and the Allegheny patriots

[975.5 R2j Abstracts of Virginia’s Northern Neck warrants and surveys

[975.52 R2g Virginia Northern Neck land grants

[975.5 R4sn The 1787 census of Virginia : an accounting of the name of every white male tithable over 21 years, the number of white males between 16 & 21 years, the number of slaves over 16 & those under 16 years, together with a listing of their horses, cattle & carriages, and also the names of all persons to whom ordinary licenses and physician’s licenses were issued

[975.516 P2mb Wills and administrations, Accomack County, Virginia, 1663-1800

[975.54251/J1 H2b Jamestown, 1544-1699

[975.54251 H6n Martin’s hundred : the discovery of a lost colonial Virginia settlement

[975.55 D2 Kincannon and McDonald of Southwest Virginia (oversize)

[975.55 Fairfax Genealogical Society Spring Seminar

[975.5773 H2g Glimpses of Wythe County, Volume 2

[975.5785 H2g Highlights in the early history of Montgomery County, Virginia

[975.5785 R4sn Montgomery County, Virginia–circa 1790 : a comprehensive study, including the 1789 tax lists, abstracts of over 800 land surveys & data concerning migration

[975.5 A1 Soldiers of Fincastle County, Virginia, 1774

[975.5916 F2 Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Virginia : extracted from the original court records of Augusta County, 1745-1800

[975 D2o Pioneers of old Frederick County, Virginia

[975.5992 R2g Frederick County, Virginia, deed books : abstracted (3 volumes)

[975.6 X2p 1970 Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790, North Carolina

[975.6175 H2k Roanoke the abondoned colony

[975.671 R28e Rowan County, NC, vacant land entries, 1778-1789

[976.9 E2L German family names in Kentucky place names

[976.9 M2sw Lord Dunmore’s little war of 1774 : his captains and their men who opened up Kentucky & the west to American settlement

[977.311 N4o Swedish voters in Chicago, 1888 : based upon the voter registrations of 1888

[977. The Jubilee Diary April 10, 1980 – April 19, 1981 David Pichaske

[977.301 ST2L Documents and biography pertaining to the settlement and progress of Stark County, Illinois : containing an authentic summary of records, documents, historical works and newspapers relating to Indian history, original settlement, organization and politics … / written from records and personal reminiscences by M. A. Leeson.

[977. Faces of Utopia: A Bishop Hill Family Album

[977. A Guidebook to Bishop Hill colony Buildings

[977. Bulletinen, Bishop Hill

[979.225/S1 C4g Genealogical Journal: Special Issue: Genealogical Deception

[979.2258 A3Li The Library: a guide to the LDS Family History Library (oversize shelf)

 Virginia Atlas & Gazetteer: Topographic Maps of the Entire State …

[An Illustrated Atlas of Cecil County, Maryland

[The American backwoods frontier : an ethnic and ecological interpretation / Terry G. Jordan and Matti Kaups.

[Smithsonian Opportunities for research and study in history, art, science (Washington, DC: Smithsonial Institution 1983) 150 pages w/ index

[Bulletin of the Historical Society of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (Norristown, PA) Journal of IsaacWayne Holstein reprint

[Tracing your Ancestors in Ireland

[Long Journey to the South River (Historical fiction)

[A Swedish City Directory of Boston, 1881

[975.6 H2a Narratives of Early Carolina, 1650-1708

[979 H2 Early narratives of the Northwest, 1634-1699

[929.273 L789 Descendants of the Reverend Larrs Karlsson Lock, 1604-1688, “pastor in the valley” by Edith M. Davis Locke (1986)

[929.273 R143 The Rambo family tree : descendants of Peter Gunnarson Rambo, 1611-1986

[929.273 V367 Some descendants of Garrett Vansweringen of St. Mary’s, Maryland

[929.273 Y71 A history of the Yoakum, Yocom, Yocum families and others, however the name is spelled

(map shelf)
[Sweden (2 copies)(1 for sale)(oversize)
[948.5 G3a Läsebok för släktforskare : lär dig tyda och läsa gammal handstil (oversize)
[948.502 Atlas till Historien (oversize)
[909.08 History of the world : the last five hundred years (oversize)
[929.1092 W621 1990 Who’s who in genealogy & heraldry (oversize)
[973 D27rb 1992 Ancestry’s red book : American state, county & town sources (oversize)
[973 D27e 1981 The Handy book for genealogists (oversize)
[ Early Illustrations and Views of American Architecture (oversize)
[973 H2a Album of American history, Volume 1: Colonial Period .. (oversize)
[973.2 AM3A The American heritage history of the Thirteen Colonies, by the editors of American heritage. Editor in charge: Michael Blow; narrative [by] Louis B. Wright; pictorial commentary [by] Ralph K. Andrist (oversize)
[970.01 SM6 The Smithsonian book of North American Indians : before the coming of the Europeans / by Philip Kopper and the editors of Smithsonian Books (oversize)
[970.1 M297S The skulking way of war : technology and tactics among the New England Indians / Patrick M. Malone (oversize)
[970.3 D376 The Lenape-Delaware Indian Heritage: 10,000 B.C. – A.D. 2000 (oversize)
[973 H2ma New Sweden, the dream of an empire (oversize)
[ Peter Craig yellow folder of 1988 350th Anniversary materials ??rsb oversize)
[974.71 A3ge Genealogical resources in the New York metropolitan area (oversize)
[974.8 H2sp Pennsylvania : birthplace of a nation (oversize)
[974.8 E7wa Indian paths of Pennsylvania (oversize)
[974.8 R2m Pennsylvania land records : a history and guide for research (oversize)
[974.811 C82B The buried past : an archaeological history of Philadelphia / John L. Cotter, Daniel G. Roberts, Michael Parrington ; with the assistance of Sarah S. Evans (oversize)
[974.811 E3p Philadelphia maps, 1682-1982; townships, districts, wards (oversize)
[974.813 E7b Breou’s official series of farm maps, Chester County, Pennsylvania: compiled, drawn and published from personal examinations and surveys by W.H. Kirk & Co (oversize)
[974.816 H2pgp v. 28 Oley Valley heritage; the colonial years, 1700-1775 (oversize)
[974.9 M25no 1970 Records of officers and men of New Jersey in wars 1791-1815 (oversize)
[974.9 H2t Under Four Flags ed. by Turp (oversize)
[974.991 H1a Fenwick’s colony ; Salem County pictorial, 1675-1964 / (oversize)
[975.1 H The First State: An Illustrated History of Delaware (oversize)
[975.1 X2n 1782 Delaware 1782 tax assessment and census lists (oversize)
[975.1 M2ph Revolutionary patriots of Delaware : genealogical and historical information on the men and women of Delaware who served the American cause during the war against Great Britain, 1775-1783 (oversize)
[975.2 E7p The Hammond-Harwood House atlas of historical maps of Maryland, 1608-1908 (oversize)
[975.55 D2 Kincannon and McDonald of Southwest Virginia (oversize)
[979.2258 A3Li The Library: a guide to the LDS Family History Library (oversize shelf)

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